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Devonshire Homes and LiveWest are in the process of submitting a Reserved Matters and Section 73 planning application for the construction of 94 dwellings in Kingsbridge, comprising of a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed homes together with public open space associated infrastructure, highways, footpaths and drainage.

The 9.55 acre site lies immediately North of Buckwell Close and is accessed via Belle Hill on one of the main approach roads into Kingsbridge from the North, linking Dartmouth and Totnes via the A381.

In October 2017 the site received an outline planning approval (ref: 0299/17/OPA) for up to 96 dwellings. As a result of this the principles of building a residential development are already in place with the Reserved Matters and Section 73 applications seeking to gain detailed approval for the design and external appearance of the proposed buildings, their siting and levels, as well as the finishing materials, drainage disposal, parking etc.

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The surrounding built environment of the application site is suburban and peripheral to the historic core of the town. The surrounding areas are largely composed of post war housing estates of varying styles, primarily consisting of a mixture of concrete and slate tiled roofs and painted render facades

Red outline —Proposed site

Careful consideration has been given to the proposals in terms of their relationship with adjoining residential neighbours as well as the development edge where it abuts open farmland, to ensure that the proposed development nestles into the existing town and provides a suitable edge to the perimeters of the site.

In gaining a detailed approval, we will be able to implement and commit to the developer obligations detailed in the outline planning Section 106 legal agreement. The community benefits and financial contributions are as follows:

  • Public open space
  • Play area equipment
  • Covered gazebo seating viewpoint
  • £265,000 contribution for Secondary Education
  • £207,000 contribution for Sport and Recreation
  • £20,000 contribution for Early Years Education

The site location and boundaries plans are shown below:


The detailed proposal will comprise of 28 affordable homes for local people (30%) as well as 66 open market homes.

Of the 28 affordable homes, 21 would be for rent and 7 would be shared ownership.

Site map
Site map

The site has a steep topography, dropping over 30 metres from the North East corner to the South West corner. This slope is across 318 linear metres, equating to an average gradient of 1 in 9. Some parts of the site are steeper than others.

Our proposals account for these gradients and we have arranged streets and plots to maximise views, whilst ensuring level access for all properties. Consideration has also been given to ensure that there is a clear definition between public and private areas and that streets and spaces are well overlooked.

Parking provision has been carefully considered to ensure a good level of parking across the site in a variety of forms. Parking has been integrated into the scheme so that vehicles do not dominate the street scene and public spaces. The majority of parking is provided on plot with large properties benefiting from single and integrated garaging. Visitor spaces are also incorporated into the proposals.

Properties will consist of a material and colour palette to reflect the local character of the village. This will consist primarily of ‘off white’ and light grey rendered properties to reflect the historic cottages evident throughout the village. This will be complimented with the use of slate hanging which is a typical rural material seen throughout Kingsbridge and Devon, adding variation and interest to key buildings. The porches to properties will also have vertical timber battens which will contrast with the external render and soften the overall feel of the development.

Property roofs will be natural slate reflecting the dominant roofing material used within Kingsbridge to reinforce the rural setting.

Drainage / Highways


The proposed foul drainage will be a gravity system which will discharge to an existing adopted sewer in Buckwell Close.

All surface water drainage will be attenuated on site before being discharged via a South West Water requisition sewer.


Highways access will be in accordance with the outline planning approval, with the sole vehicular access being via Belle Hill.


The Reserved Matters and Section 73 applications were submitted the first week in March 2019. We aim to start building in March 2020 with the anticipated completion of the first new home by October 2020.


  • March

    Section 73 and Reserved Matters applications

    Submitted on 1st March and 5th March respectively


  • March

    Start work on site

  • October

    Anticipated completion of the first new home

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