Mazzard View



Devonshire Homes is already building 77 new homes at its Mazzard View development on Birch Road in Landkey near Barnstaple.

The development takes its name from the area’s famous Mazzard wild cherry trees. We have made another planning application for a second phase of development of a further 39 new homes on adjacent land. This will comprise of 19 affordable homes for local people as well as 20 open market homes.


Phase 1 of the Mazzard View development was granted “outline” planning permission in March 2016, with the detailed design “reserved matters” then receiving approval in March 2017.

Blue outline - Phase 1, Yellow outline - Phase 2

Phase 1 comprises 77 new homes, of which 23 (30%) are affordable homes for local people and 54 are open market homes. Of the affordable homes, 12 are social rented and 11 are shared ownership.

Under the Phase 1 planning permission’s Section 106 legal agreement, Devonshire Homes is also providing a number of community benefits and financial contributions:

  • public open space including trim trail,
  • multi-use games area,
  • land for allotments,
  • land and £30,000 contribution for a community facility,
  • £16,520 contribution for the football club and/or pitches,
  • £200,000 contribution to the No.155 bus service,
  • £218,708 contribution for expansion of Orchard Vale Community School (primary) in nearby Barnstaple,
  • £210,683 contribution to new teaching accommodation at The Park Community School (secondary) also in Barnstaple, and
  • £125,000 contribution to highway improvements at the A361 Landkey junction.

The location of Phase 1 is marked in blue on the plan below, with the location of Phase 2 marked in red.

Mazzard Context 1
Mazzard Context 2
Mazzard Context 4
Mazzard Context 3


The proposed Phase 2 development will be an affordable housing-led development comprising 19 affordable homes for local people as well as 20 open market homes.

Some of the 19 affordable homes social rent, some would be shared ownership. The open market housing is required to subsidise the affordable housing, which would not be financially viable to deliver on its own.

Phase 2 site map
Phase 2 site map

The site is not allocated for development by North Devon Council. However we have already held two pre-application meetings with North Devon Council planners, who have confirmed that there is sufficient affordable housing need in Landkey Parish to justify our proposals in principle as an “exception site”.

North Devon Council will still, of course, need to closely scrutinise the planning application drawings and documents once they have been submitted, before making its decision.

We expect to provide further community benefits under a new Section 106 legal agreement for Phase 2. The details will have to be agreed with North Devon Council and Devon County Council but will likely include:

  • Financial contribution to education facilities,
  • Financial contribution to highways improvements,
  • Provision of on-site public open space,
  • Financial contribution for off-site public open space, and
  • Provision of 19 affordable homes.

We have thought carefully about how the house styles will complement the landscape and existing styles of buildings in Landkey. The Phase 2 development will have a similar style to Phase 1, with houses designed with a modern twist but reflecting the local architectural character.

Phase 2 will retain the existing boundary hedges and trees and provide a central green space. The northern boundary of the Phase 2 development will have a lower density of homes and enhanced landscaping to make a softer edge to the village.

Drainage / Highways


Surface water from Phase 2 will drain to a new basin on land to the south east.

Foul water from Phase 2 will connect to the Phase 1 foul drain, which in turn discharges to the existing foul manhole beneath Acland Road.


Highways access to Phase 2 will be via Phase 1, which is accessed off Birch Road. Each home would be provided with adequate parking spaces, either in garages or off-street spaces.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to safely access the centre of Landkey village and its amenities via a range of routes, including a new route via the Millennium Green. The No.155 bus service passes through Landkey and connects to Barnstaple and South Molton.


We plan to submit our planning application for the next phase of Mazzard View shortly. If successful we aim to start building in April 2019 with completion of the first home in November 2019.


  • 7 February

    Pre-application meeting with North Devon District Council planners

  • 16 August

    Pre-application meeting with North Devon District Council planners

  • 5 September

    Meeting with Landkey Parish Council

  • 18 September

    Public information event

    Public information event to enable local residents to see and hear more about our plans before we make our application to North Devon Council.

  • 28 September

    Planning application submitted


  • February

    Anticipated planning decision

  • April

    Start work on site

  • November

    First homes occupied