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Devonshire Homes are proposing up to 200 new homes on the Land to the South of Yelland Quay.

The development will take the form of a Devonshire village, fashioned around existing woodland and open green spaces. It forms a gateway to the first phase of development which is already approved, and will comprise up to 60 affordable homes for local people as well as 140 open market homes.


The site is located immediately to the south of the former Yelland Power Station site, which was granted approval for redevelopment in April 2022.

Site Location Indicated By Red Outline

The 12.28 Ha site, as indicated by the red outline, is in the control of Golden Bay Homes & Waterfront Homes and Devonshire Homes. The area on which development is proposed is bounded by the Tarka Trail to the north and existing field boundaries to the south. This land for development is unallocated and is currently used as a paddock and grassland.


Our proposal for this 12.28 Ha site is for up to 200 homes, of which 60 (30%) will be Affordable Homes.

The design will incorporate the existing trees and hedges into 5.5 Ha of Public Open Space, which is 45% of the site area. In addition to new homes, permission is also sought for a new Medical Centre, Café, Bike Hire and Business Units. Cars will access from the B3233 road along the same road as the Sandbanks Business Park and the approved Yelland Quay proposal. There will be direct Cycle and Pedestrian access to the Tarka Trail.

Devonshire Homes South Quay Yelland Proposed Illustrative Site Layout
Proposed Illustrative Site Layout

Character Areas

The appearance of the proposal will draw on the character of a traditional Devon River estuary village.

The houses will have a Formal, Coastal, and Cottage / Arts and Crafts appearance depending on their location on the plan.

  • Formal Character, shown in orange on the plan, will be used for the houses around the entrance Green and along the new access road to Phase 1.
  • Coastal Character, shown in blue on the plan, will be used on the outer perimeter of the proposal and the houses that face outwards towards the River Taw estuary.
  • Cottage / Arts and Crafts Character, shown in green on the plan, will be used on narrower streets and lanes that form the heart of the new village.
Character Areas Plan

Formal Character

Houses with a formal appearance enclose the entrance green and the main street. They will have symmetrical elevations, sliding sash scale window openings, Georgian style door surrounds, and decorative details. They will be faced in brick or render.

Coastal Character

The Coastal Contemporary character is inspired by seaside references, optimising views and light. They will have walls of rubble stone and boarding in a palette of ocean colours and have large openings with balconies.

Cottage / Arts and Crafts Character

The Cottage character is inspired by Devon hamlets and villages and the traditional cottage look. The style is informal and derives from both local sources and later Arts & Crafts examples that drew on the English vernacular for inspiration. They will be faced in painted brick or roughcast render.

Yelland Station

This new tourist facility will be located on the north side of the Tarka Trail and will be accessed from the approved Phase 1. It will incorporate a Café, Kiosk and a Bike Hire / Repair shop. A platform deck and canopy will face south, making reference to the former railway line with the look of a ‘Station’. There is a ramped link to the Tarka Trail for bikes and pedestrians from the platform deck. The building will be faced in rubble stone and boarding and will have large glazed openings on the ground floor.

Drainage / Highways


The proposed development has been assessed in line with the National Planning Policy Framework, to show that it can be undertaken in an acceptable manner from a flood risk perspective without increasing flood risk elsewhere.

The proposed surface water management plan has been designed to ensure that the development does not flood throughout its 100-year lifetime, with allowance for climate change.

The scheme proposes using Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) to enable peak flows to be limited to the sites existing greenfield rates. The controlled outfall will connect to the existing Tarka Trail ditch and on towards the existing attenuation pond west of the development at the Former Yelland Power Station.

The proposed SuDS features will also promote water quality enhancement, biodiversity and amenity benefits whilst ensuring the site remains safe from flooding throughout its lifetime, without increasing flood risk elsewhere.

Extreme high tides will overtop the existing EA flood defences and will overwhelm the proposed SuDS measures designed to manage runoff from the development. In this scenario the site would benefit from a tidal outfall, at which point the requirement for attenuation diminishes and flows can follow proposed exceedance flow routes towards the edge of tidal floodplain.

Minimum finished floor levels and access road levels have been informed by a Floor Risk Assessment and will ensure that the various proposed land uses within the development remain above the maximum predicted sea level throughout their lifetime, with allowance for the effects of climate change, and that safe access and egress can be achieved.

A new on-site adoptable foul pumping station will transfer flows the nearest adopted foul sewers, located approximately 200m south of the site.


The site is in a sustainable location with access to a bus route and a range of local facilities on foot within an approximate 5-10 and 15-20 minute walk of the development. The sites locational sustainability was accepted by the Planning Inspector granting planning permission for the residential development of the Former Yelland Quay Power Station site to the north of the application site.

Access to the proposed development will be as per that approved for the Former Yelland Quay Power Station from the B3233 by providing a new priority junction incorporating a ghost island right turn lane.

The approved site access point from the B3233 will be positioned approximately 29m to the west of the existing junction which will be closed.

The access road leading into the site will be 6m in width with 3.0m shared use cycle/footways adjacent to the carriageway edge at the mouth of the access junction.

The ghost island right turn lane as approved will also accommodate two pedestrian crossing points across the B3233, including one uncontrolled crossing to the east of the junction and one signalised crossing to the west of the junction.

To the east of the access, the footway will continue to the relocated bus stop and uncontrolled pedestrian crossing facilities. The relocated bus stop will take the form of a layby offline from the B3233 carriageway with a build-out at the front of the bay to facilitate easier passenger loading, ease operation and enhance disability access. A shelter is also to be provided adjacent to the bay for the comfort of waiting passengers.

Yelland Quay North Approved
Sandbanks Employment Park
Yelland Quay South Proposal


There will soon be an opportunity to provide feedback on our proposals.

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