We are currently engaging with Cornwall Council and local stakeholders on our initial ideas for an allocated site at Heamoor, near Penzance, Cornwall.

More details, including a summary of feedback from our public exhibition and updated proposals will be posted on this website at the end of August.

There will be further opportunity to comment on the proposals through Cornwall Council’s own consultation process once the planning applications are submitted.


This 19.6 ha (48.4 acre) site has been allocated by Cornwall Council in the Local Plan for major residential development (Policy PZ-H4 Trannack), following assessment for suitability and deliverability.

Allocated Trannack Site

The land is owned by the Bolitho Estates and comprises:

  • Red line - 13.9 ha (34.3 acres). Allocated for residential development in Policy PZ-H4.
  • Blue line - 0.6 ha (1.5 acres): the buildings of Higher Trannack Farm and Lower Trannack Farm. Included in Policy PZ-H4.
  • Green line - 5.1 ha (12.6 acres): nature zone with some public access, per PZ-H4 clause C.

Devonshire Homes has entered into an agreement with the Bolitho Estates to deliver an outstanding residential scheme, with the built elements contained within the red-lined area, and new benefits for both the community and wildlife provided within the green-lined area (total 19 ha/46.9 acres).

The Bolitho Estates have retained the areas denoted by the blue line and, subject to planning permission, intend to convert some of the traditional buildings at Higher and Lower Trannack Farms into small commercial units. This will be subject to a separate planning application.


Artist's Impression Of The Proposed Trannack Development
Artist's Impression Of The Proposed Trannack Development

Our initial proposals for the red/green-lined areas of the site are for:

  • 300 high quality homes, including 30% (90) ‘affordable’ (as defined by Government and to be allocated and managed by Cornwall Council)
  • 1-5 bed dwellings; wide range of tenures and budgets
  • c.9.4 ha (23.2 acres) open space; policy-compliant biodiversity net gain
  • A community gathering/playing place (plen an gwari)
  • Community growing spaces including allotments and an orchard
  • >4km of new public foot/cycle ways with ‘lingering places’ for rest and play

Planning permission would, if granted, generate substantial developer contributions to support and improve local community services including education and health provision.

More details will be posted on this website at the end of August.

Drainage / Highways

To inform our plans we have undertaken an extensive technical analysis of the site, had pre-application consultation with Cornwall Council’s planning department, and attended two Cornwall Design Review Panel meetings.

The site is very steep and therefore challenging to develop. Our consultant engineers are working closely with our architects and landscape architects to ensure the scheme improves the site’s current flood resilience, biodiversity and accessibility whilst creating an attractive place in which to live, work and play.

Key considerations include:


The whole Penzance area, including the site, is located in the Penzance Critical Drainage Area, and there are ribbons of Flood Zone 3 along Chyandour Brook. We’ve designed a sophisticated Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) that will improve the site’s flood resilience – even accounting for a 100-year storm and a 50% increase in rainfall resulting from climate change.

Access and movement

We are committed to encouraging active travel, and providing safe links for traffic, cyclists and vehicles throughout the site and to nearby settlements without impacting on the flow of traffic on the A30. We are working with the Highways Authority to design a solution in compliance with The Penzance Town Framework Transport Strategy 2030.

Local housing need

The UK’s housing crisis has seen the number of households on Cornwall Council’s Homechoice Register for affordable housing* double over the past two years. This proposed development will provide 90 affordable homes in compliance with Council policy, which will be distributed throughout the site.The tenure types will be determined by Cornwall Council, and its agents will allocate and manage these homes in compliance with the Council’s Housing Policy.


We are committed to protecting and enriching the range and quality of habitats across the site, to create a 10% net gain in biodiversity across the site, which is compliant with Cornwall Council’s planning policy.

More details on these and other matters will be posted on this website at the end of August.

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