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7 Reasons You Should Move to Devon - if you aren't convinced already!

2 May 2017

With its rich history, thriving local producers, gorgeous coastlines and mild weather, homes for sale in Devon deserve more than a passing glance during your house hunt. Here are seven irrefutable reasons you should move to Devon:

1. The Glorious Devon Coasts

The county offers two lovely coastlines along the North and South, featuring sandy beaches, striking cliffs and mysterious moors to explore.

2. Beautiful Natural Wonders

Devon is the only county in England to contain two National Parks – Dartmoor and Exmoor. It also features five areas of outstanding natural beauty. So all our homes for sale in Devon are never far away from a getaway into nature.

3. Great Pubs and Restaurants

Devon offers more than Devonshire cream tea; the county is well-known for its cider made from local apple orchards, which grow varieties of apple unique to Devon. Much of the food is locally produced as well and whipped up into some spectacular dishes by many talented chefs in restaurants across the county.

4. Devon Produce

Speaking of local produce, Devon has always had a strong history of agriculture with its rich farmlands, and continues to produce a myriad of sustainably grown fruits and vegetables, happy and healthy free-range livestock, and even cheeses and wines. Weekly markets are common in many towns, and in the cities as well. Locally sourced, healthy food is always close at hand.

5. A Rich and Vibrant History

Devon is home to more than green fields and sunny shores. The land tells a tale of historic proportions, from the Jurassic Coast in the South East to the ruins of old castles, forts and abbeys speckled across the land.

6. Life in the City

The two cities in Devon, Exeter and Plymouth, each offers a rich history as well as modern amenities and retail therapy. Both are also home to top universities and feature vibrant city life without being too big or too small.

7. Sunniest Side of England

The South Eastern coast of Devon ranks consistently as one of the sunniest parts of England, with the towns of Saunton and Croyde often boasting some of the highest summer temperatures in Britain.

This is just a handful of great reasons to start your search with homes for sale in Devon; the beautiful county has so much to offer. As an area full of culture, history, a wealth of attractions and good food, Devon makes for the perfect place to call home. That’s why Devonshire Homes is committed to building uniquely designed, quality homes that create and strengthen local communities here.