Our Story

We are an independent, award-winning housing development company, committed to providing beautiful new build houses for sale in Devon. We pride ourselves on more than just building stunning homes that match the area of outstanding natural beauty they’re situated in. We are hugely proud of our West Country roots and therefore aim to build and strengthen local communities in the South West too.

We’ve been successfully building houses for sale in Devon since the company began in 1992. We've continued to grow over the years and in April 2008 we became a wholly owned subsidiary of London & Devonshire Trust Ltd.

It is our passion to not only provide high-quality new homes but to ensure a first-class level of customer service too. In April 2010, we adopted the Consumer Code for Home Builders, which ensures our purchasers are all well-informed and fairly treated throughout the process of searching for and securing their new home.

We have a diverse portfolio of stunning properties that range in size, from single bedroom apartments right up to five bedroom detached family homes. Building high-quality and sustainable homes is integral to our approach. So, however large or small the property, it is guaranteed to carry our trusted reputation for excellence. We create homes that use less energy, consume optimally, use renewable energy and are truly beautiful, both inside and out - as far as we're concerned, the best new houses for sale in Devon.

In a fast moving world, we seek to embrace changes in trends. As modern technology is always moving forward, so are we. New products come onto the market all the time, new trends blossom and environmental practices become more and more refined. Our dedicated team make it a priority to keep up-to-date with developments in our industry. This allows us to create distinctive and desirable homes for all, year after year.

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