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Busting five myths about new build homes

1 July 2021

House hunting for your new home is exciting but it can throw up a lot of questions. There are plenty of decisions to make from deciding on a location to whether you want an old or new build property. You may be feeling a little indecisive and we can guarantee that you’ve turned to good old ‘Google’ to give you some answers. We’ve welcomed customers into our Marketing Suites who were a little sceptic about new build properties which has usually stemmed from what they have read online. In this month’s blog, we bust five myths about new build homes:

1. “They just don’t build homes like they used to anymore”

Some house hunters opt for an older property because they think new build homes aren’t built to a high standard. This is simply not true where we are concerned. Every Devonshire Home is built to the highest of standards with the house hunter in mind from the very beginning. Our high quality homes are built to require less maintenance and each home comes with a 10-year NHBC, LABC or Premier warranty which gives you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your investment. We incorporate numerous features that will save you costs in the long-term such as air source heat pumps at selected properties to improve energy efficiency, fully tested electrical and gas facilities that won’t need replacing any time soon and brand-new integrated kitchen appliances. Before we handover the keys, our team completes a thorough inspection and will ensure that the property is in excellent condition before the buyer moves in.

2. “New build homes are more expensive”

New build properties have to comply with the latest building regulations and this means they are far more energy efficient than older properties. Data from Energy Performance Certificates shows over 80% of new homes have the highest A or B ratings. That compares to just 2.2% of existing properties ( Our new build homes are ready for you to move into so our customers do not have renovating or decorating costs. Buying an older property may be cheaper initially, but the purchase cost does not take into account other financial burdens often associated with older properties such as the higher running costs, renovating, making improvements or replacing costly equipment such as the boiler.

3. “New build homes are built in random locations, disconnected from communities”

As new build sites are often built on land that hasn’t previously been used for housing or was disused, some house hunters may have a perception that new build homes are in the middle of nowhere. This is not the case at Devonshire Homes. You just have to look at our Current Developments page to see that we build in thriving communities near excellent amenities, transport and commuter routes. Take a look at our Bovey Tracey site, Longston Cross, as an example. This new neighbourhood is perfect for those who want to live near a bustling town but still want easy access to the beautiful Devon countryside. Our homes at this site are just a short walk away from the town centre where you can discover convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. Hop in the car and drive just a short distance down the road and you will be faced with the beauty of Dartmoor National Park.

4. “Older properties have more space compared to new build homes”

Some have the opinion that new build homes are smaller than older properties and do not offer as much space. Home construction has evolved over time as people’s living habits have changed. All our homes are designed to suit modern day family life with flexible spaces, open plan layouts and clever storage solutions in mind. Many older properties do not suit this modern style of living, often they include more rooms but less workable space and hence why homeowners feel the need to renovate them. So, yes, when you compare an old four bedroom property to one of our three bedroom properties, there may be a difference in square footage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel smaller. We build our homes with useable space in mind, giving you plenty of space to live in by incorporating clever storage designs and efficient, flexible layouts to suit our modern style of living.

5. “New build homes are an eyesore on the local environment”

At Devonshire Homes, we know how important it is for your new build home to look just as pleasing on the outside as it does on the inside. That is why we are sympathetic to our local environment when building our new build homes. Before we even start construction, our architects will consider the aesthetic of the local area in which a site will be built in and design the homes accordingly to blend in seamlessly. We want to extend communities, allowing our homes to effortlessly slot right into place. For example, at our Chulmleigh site, Ladywell Meadows, we incorporated a thatched roof as a nod to the local environment.

We hope our five myth busters have batted away any concerns or misconceptions you have about new build properties and that you will now be searching online for “new build homes near me”! Our Sales Executives are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about our new build homes across the West Country. Visit our Current Developments page and use the relevant contact details to book an appointment to visit a site.