Autumn Gardening Tips

Five autumn gardening tips to get the most out of your outdoor space

30 September 2021

Gone are warm summer days and al fresco dining but that doesn’t mean you should start to neglect your garden. In fact, there are plenty of autumn gardening jobs to be getting on with which will enable your new garden to thrive. It’s not just about your plants either. Remember, wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs could do with a helping hand in the winter months and your garden is just the place to provide this vital support. Read on to discover our top five autumn gardening tips to get the most out of your outdoor space and give you some seasonal new build home garden ideas.

1. Refresh your lawn

Autumn is an excellent time of year to lay turf as the soil is still warm from the summer months but kept moist with the rain September and October tend to bring. Laying lawn turf is easy but requires some preparation. Before you lay the turf, spread a general-purpose fertiliser on the ground one week before and make sure you remove any weeds, raking it level. This will give you the perfect blank canvas to create a lush new lawn. Lay each piece of turf by overlapping them slightly. It will take a few weeks for your new lawn to really take off but in the meantime, it is essential that you keep watering it.

2. Feed the birds

As the weather gets colder, turn your garden into a wildlife haven by providing food for the birds. Fat balls, mealworms and seed mix all go down well and will maintain their fat reserves so they can survive the frosty nights which will soon be here. Don’t have a bird feeder? Why not try making your own! They’re super easy to make and require just a few household items including a plastic bottle and string. Click here for easy instructions from the RSPB which are perfect for kids. You could also try planting berry bearing shrubs. Not only will they add a touch of colour to the garden, they are a great food source for birds too.

3. Start planting your bulbs

Autumn is the perfect time to plant those bulbs ready for the spring. Tulips, crocuses and daffodils can all be planted now in either pots or flower borders. Click here to watch a handy video from the National Trust School of Gardening where experts reveal their handy tips on how to plant tulips in a pot.

4. Dig out the rake

For those who enjoy trees in their garden, now is the time to dig out the rake from the shed. Rake your lawn regularly to remove any fallen leaves. This will keep your lawn free from rotting leaves which can sometimes kill the grass and your pathways clear. Whatever you do, don’t put fallen leaves in with your general waste as they have so many other uses! Mix moist leaves into other green material in your compost bin to create fuel for your plants later down the line, bag them up to use as insulation in your home or shred them to make a soil conditioner for your lawn. Click here to discover other ideas from Flymo on how you can use leaves.

5. Cut back your perennials

Perennials will have finished flowering by now so make sure to trim them back to improve their appearance. You can leave a few stems as they make great homes and food for garden wildlife. Selective cutting back this month can retain dried flowerheads of plants whilst removing anything that is showing signs of decay. Click here for some tips from the RHS on how to cut back plants in autumn and winter.

We hope you found our top five autumn gardening tips useful. Are you a keen gardener who has some handy tips? Do share them with us through social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.