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Top five tips on how to get organised for Christmas

21 December 2021

With Christmas just days away, now is the time to start pulling together a checklist of jobs that need doing before the big day itself. By making a list of tasks, you can ensure you stay super organised, leaving you to completely relax and enjoy the festive period with your loved ones.

Read on to discover our top five tips on how to get organised for Christmas:

1. Decorate the Christmas tree

If you still haven’t put your Christmas tree up, stop what you’re doing and get it done. For many, putting up the Christmas tree is a fun task which welcomes in the festive period, but it can be a big job, particularly if you prefer to purchase a real tree.

Make it more manageable by getting the whole family involved. Not only will it save you a lot of time, it will entertain the kids too whilst they countdown to Christmas Day. If you have pets, make sure they are supervised whilst around the tree, particularly real trees, as the fallen needles can get stuck between their paws. Are Christmas trees poisonous to dogs? No, they aren’t too toxic, but the branches can cause them to have an upset stomach or irritated mouth if your pooch decides to chew on them so keep your eyes peeled!

2. Get wrapping

Staring at that pile of gifts you’ve brought wishing they would wrap themselves? Don’t worry, we have some tips to make it fun and easy. Firstly, start early. Leave it to Christmas Eve and you will just be stressed as you fight with tangled Sellotape and dig through the cupboards to find that last roll of wrapping paper. By starting a few days ahead, you don’t have to wrap your gifts all in one go either. Split them up into manageable piles, tackling one heap at a time. Make sure to check which wrapping paper can be recycled and choose the sustainable option if you can.

If you get bored easily, why not play some energetic Christmas music or stream a festive movie in the background? Hopefully, this will make the onerous task of wrapping presents a lot more fun.

3. Stock the fridge

One of the most wonderful things about Christmas is the tasty food. What is the best Christmas food? Juicy pigs in blankets, succulent turkey and sweet cranberry sauce are all at the top of our shopping list. Speaking of lists, make sure you create a full and detailed list of everything you need to purchase. Think about what meals you are planning for which day and jot down the ingredients accordingly. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything, avoiding a last-minute dash to the supermarket on Christmas Eve!

Looking for a money saving tip? Why not plan meals which you can stretch over a couple of days? Leftover turkey meat is excellent for creating a variety of dishes. Use it up in a cold meat platter on boxing day or throw it into a warming curry. Christmas food can take you right up until the New Year if you plan strategically.

4. Make food in advance

So, your fridge is full but now you have to start thinking about what dishes need to be created. To avoid rushing around on Christmas day and missing out on quality time with your loved ones, assess what can be made ahead of the big day itself.

Many components of a classic roast turkey dinner can be made the day before. Season your turkey with herbs and salt and leave it in the fridge to absorb all that flavour, peel and cut the potatoes ready for roasting and prepare any other vegetables in advance so that all you have to do on Christmas Day is pop them in the oven or put them on the stove to boil.

5. Clean your home

We know that the festive season can be busy, and cleaning might be the last thing on your mind but trust us, you will pat yourself on the back if you take the time to have a quick clean up. There’s nothing better than sitting in a tidy living room on Christmas morning whilst enjoying a present opening session or sitting down in a clean and organised dining room ready to enjoy your Christmas lunch.

Cleaning also gives you the opportunity to add any last-minute touches. You could even set the table, adding your Christmas table runner and festive centrepiece ready to welcome your diners.

We hope you found our top five tips on how to get organised for Christmas useful! From us all here at Devonshire Homes, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year ahead.