Sarah Hall

Meet Sarah, Sales Manager at Devonshire Homes

8 August 2023

Due to continued expansion, Devonshire Homes is delighted to welcome Sarah Hall to the team as a Sales Manager. Working alongside Sales Manager Doug Wright, Sarah is responsible for overseeing the sales team, in particular, those teams that work at our North Devon and Somerset sites.

It’s important for us to have the very best sales team. Our Sales Managers and Executives are the faces of Devonshire Homes and are there every step of the way on a customer’s buying journey. Sarah joins the team with a wealth of experience having taken an interest in the industry from a young age.

After her first week at Devonshire Homes, we caught up with Sarah to find out more about her career background and why she chose to join our team:

Hi Sarah! Tell us about your background in the housing and construction industry…

I started my career in the property industry 24 years ago at a large independent residential estate agency firm in Dorset. From the outset, I had a keen interest in the new home developments the agency was involved in and eventually started working on sites for small developers.

Next, I went on to work for a large PLC national housebuilder, gaining invaluable training and experience. Here, I progressed from Sales Executive to Senior Sales Executive and then on to management, working across Devon and Somerset. Moving to a national estate agency group, I worked as New Homes Senior Business Development Manager, overseeing sales and marketing for numerous developer clients across Devon and Cornwall.

Most recently, I worked as Head of New Homes for an independent property services firm for five years, overseeing over 50 new home developments across Dorset, Somerset, and Devon.

Having enjoyed various positions in the industry, I have a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience of sales and marketing management, spanning from PLC and SME housebuilders to residential estate agencies.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the industry?

I’ve actually had an interest in the industry since I was a child! My mum worked for banks and building societies and had many friends in the estate agency industry. As a child, I would be taken to new home developments to look at show homes which I loved, and that’s where my interest began. After completing an art degree, I started to look for a sensible job and it seemed only natural to join an estate agency firm. I was fortunate to secure a trainee role and the rest is history!

Describe your job role and your main responsibilities at Devonshire Homes…

Similar to Doug, I am responsible for managing a team of Sales Executives. I take responsibility for the teams across our North Devon and Somerset sites. I am here to support the team with everything from assisting with customers to offering advice and support. I have regular meetings with the site teams to ensure I am kept updated with how the build is progressing and ensure that everything is running smoothly, reporting back to the Sales and Marketing Director.

What is a typical day like as a Sales Manager?

Every day is different but typically my day includes visits to the Marketing Suites to meet with the sales team across various developments, walking the sites, checking plot progress, meetings with the construction and technical teams, liaising with customers, problem solving, working on marketing strategies, and thinking outside the box!

What do you enjoy about being Sales Manager at Devonshire Homes? What challenges do you face?

I enjoy the diversity of each day, working with the sales teams and customer interaction, thinking creatively to bring fresh ideas and approaches. Currently, the main challenges that we are facing are dealing with more cautious market conditions and the ups and downs of a changing market.

What stands out for you about Devonshire Homes as an employer?

There is a great balance at Devonshire Homes between long established core values of delivering high-quality homes and great customer service, as well as expanding the business. Devonshire Homes is active in the communities in which it builds in which I feel is so important, and as a medium sized housebuilder, it feels very much like a team effort.

What benefits do you think you bring to the role and to Devonshire Homes?

Having worked with a wide variety of housebuilders, I have been able to gain a range of experience and knowledge in different practices. My roles within the new homes estate agency industry have ensured I am flexible, organised, and adaptable, in addition to generating fresh ideas and approaches. I’ve been relied on to assist with increasing sales and awareness of new home developments, so I always challenge myself to come up with new ideas.

Finally, do you have any aims or goals that you would like to achieve as Sales Manager?

My main goal is to help achieve a happy, productive sales team. This will enable a strong sales rate whilst delivering excellent standards of customer service. This will lead to ensuring customers are happy, and hopefully contributing successfully to an expanding team.