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The power of air: How the air source heat pumps at Ladywell Meadows can save you money

8 May 2018

At Devonshire Homes, we are always looking for new ways in which we can build sustainably with as little disruption to the surrounding environment as possible. Our new homes in phase two of our Chulmleigh development, Ladywell Meadows, are being built with air source heat pump efficiency in mind. Low maintenance and high-efficiency air source heat pumps have been installed in each property in order to improve the overall efficiency and help save you money. Site Manager James Cleverley reveals more on how these semi-renewable air source heat pumps work and what makes them cost-effective: 

“From talking to Devonshire Homes’ customers, it is evident that many house hunters in North Devon want to ensure their new home is as eco-friendly as possible and that they won’t be spending an extortionate amount on household bills. Taking on board this feedback, we’ve started integrating air source heat pumps into our new homes in phase two at Ladywell Meadows. 

“A cleaner and more eco-friendly solution to heating your home, the high-efficiency air source heat pump is positioned in the rear garden and powered by electricity using less electrical energy than the heat it produces. The pump collects heat absorbed from the air and pushes it into the home via the central heating system to provide hot water and power radiators. The cost of installing an air source heat pump after a home has been built is usually between £7,000 and £11,000, so we think including them in the build is a great added benefit for potential home owners. 

“Due to their superb energy efficiency, air source heat pumps lower your carbon footprint and work incredibly well in our highly-insulated homes at Ladywell Meadows. They require very little maintenance but if you look after them, they can have a life-span of up to 20 years. They can also save you money on your energy bills. It is estimated that in a four-bedroom detached home, you could potentially save between £735 and £820 a year by using an air source heat pump compared to electric.”   

If you would like to find out more about the air source heat pump efficiency, and how they are fitted in our new homes at Ladywell Meadows, please ask our experienced Sales Executive, Margaret, for more information.