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5 tips on how to decorate your new build home for Christmas

18 December 2019

Don’t you just love this time of year? Christmas lights are brightening up the streets, presents are being delicately wrapped and the kids are getting more excited by the day! If you’ve moved into a new build home this year, you’ll have one more thing to get excited about. Decorating your new home for the first time allows you to unleash your inner Kris Kringle. You have a completely blank canvas to play with, enabling you to create a magical winter wonderland. Below, you will find out what our top five tips are for making your new build home stand out from the crowd this festive season:

1. Real vs. Fake

Firstly, think about if your new home would suit a real or a fake tree. A real tree looks beautiful, smells incredible and has a lower carbon footprint than its artificial competitor. However, they require some care and attention. If you aren’t at home much during the festive season or your house features open fires and retains a lot of heat, a real tree could wilt quite quickly. An artificial tree requires no care, doesn’t drop needles on the floor and can be re-used again and again for years to come. When choosing a tree, you might also want to consider the cost, allergies and your pets. Think about the set-up of your home and when you will be in and out this December as this will help you make a decision.

2. Decide on a colour scheme

Whether you prefer snowy whites and glistening silvers or warming reds and vibrant purples, sticking with a colour scheme can transform your house into a beautiful Christmas grotto. Start by decorating your Christmas tree and then work your way around the rest of the house, using the colours of your tree decorations as a guide. Check out Ideal Home’s guide to this year’s trends including Sparkle Blush, Jolly Holiday and Midnight Glamour. We love the Snowy Naturals trend as you could decorate your tree with beautiful textures such as wood, rattan and wool and extend that to the rest of your home by adding fur throws to your sofas and shaggy cream cushions to the beds.

3. Set your Christmas table

If you live in a home with a beautiful dining area, why not set your table a few days ahead of the big day? Creating a beautiful Christmas table can really add to the festive atmosphere in your home and let’s face it, it’s one less thing to do on the day itself! Dig out your best dinner plates, special serviettes and elegant candlesticks and let the excitement build for Christmas day. Make sure you place a cracker on top of each dinner plate and, if you really want to go that extra mile, create your own eye-catching centre piece. House Beautiful has rounded-up some of the best DIY centrepieces here. We love the Festive Floating Flora!

4. Get creative with wreaths and garlands

We love seeing wreaths starting to appear on new homeowners’ front doors across our sites. They can instantly make the whole street feel so festive and are a perfect way to welcome guests into your new home this Christmas. Why not get creative this December and make your own? There’s an abundance of wreath-making workshops taking place across Devon this festive season, giving you the chance to get into a celebratory mood and even learn a new skill. You could even go one step further and use your new skills to create impressive garlands that weave up your staircase.

5. Don’t forget the outside

Finally, don’t forget to decorate the outside of your new build home. Many children and adults alike love to wander up and down the streets on a wintery night, admiring all the beautiful lights and outdoor decorations. To ensure that you are being as energy efficient as possible, make sure to use LED lights as they use only five watts compared to the 40 watts incandescent lights run at. Add a couple of magnificent reindeers, a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign and some light-up candy canes for good measure. The big guy certainly won’t miss your house on Christmas Eve!

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and from everyone at Devonshire Homes, we hope you have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!