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Meet the Site Manager behind our popular Crediton development, Tarka View

22 August 2019

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Site Manager at a new homes development? Meet Dave Milden, the Site Manager behind our popular Crediton site, Tarka View.

With 13 years of site management experience behind him, Dave joined Devonshire Homes in December 2018 to oversee the development of the new homes at Tarka View. In the last eight months, Dave and his team have taken the site from strength to strength.

After spending seven years in the army focussed on military logistics, Dave left the forces in 1995 to pursue joinery, which is where his interest in new build homes began.

“I joined the housing and construction industry as a Site Carpenter due to my interest in joinery,” said Dave. “That evolved into going into site management. My job matches my personality as I love to organise! It’s in me to coordinate tasks and responsibilities. Being a Site Manager allows me to do this. I enjoy taking the lead, but I like to think I am experienced enough to listen to my team and their opinions, which I always take on board.”

So, what does a Site Manager actually do on a day-to-day basis? “You never know what the day has in store for you as a Site Manager, but that’s why I enjoy it,” said Dave. “There’s plenty of variety and no two days are ever the same. My main responsibility is the day-to-day running of Tarka View. That includes ensuring my team is on-track with the construction programme, making sure health and safety protocols are always being followed and ensuring that the homes nearing completion are to Devonshire Homes’ high-standard of build, before the keys are handed over to the new homeowners.”

Being part of the Devonshire Homes team, particularly when you are based on site, can be extremely rewarding.

“I feel a great sense of achievement in my job,” says Dave. “It’s amazing when you start with a plot which is literally an area of mud and then, a few months later, you’ve completed this beautiful house which a customer will soon be calling their home. A lot of our customers are first time buyers and it’s incredibly rewarding to see how excited they are on moving day. That’s really nice to witness, especially when you see the relief and delight on their faces, having finally got a foot on the property ladder. For many that’s become increasingly difficult.”

Promoting a collection of 185 new homes, the Tarka View Marketing Suite has welcomed many potential homeowners through its doors. One of Dave’s duties as a Site Manager is to meet customers who have reserved a plot.

“I meet the new homeowners during the home demo,” said Dave. “I take them on a tour of their property and go through the construction of their home. I answer any questions they may have and then we give them their own space to familiarise themselves with the property and take a moment to really enjoy reaching this milestone. If they identify any snags at this stage, we ensure that we address them, right away.”

Since working as a Devonshire Homes Site Manager, Dave has been impressed with the local independent house builder’s attention to their customers, and care for its staff.

“As a company, Devonshire Homes is not like the big housing developers,” said Dave. “The Directors are approachable, and always happy to chat and discuss matters on your mind. You’re definitely not just a number. In my first nine months here, I’ve found it a very friendly company to work for in so many ways.”

If you’re a house hunter looking for a new home in Crediton, we currently have three and four bedroom homes available at Tarka View. Click here to find out more.