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5 benefits of living in a townhouse

19 September 2019

Townhouses are becoming increasingly popular across new build home sites. House hunters looking for a three bedroom home often gravitate towards a townhouse as they can feel more spacious than a standard two-level home. You can benefit from the more affordable three bedroom price tag but enjoy flexible living across three floors – perfect for first time buyers and growing families. Reaching towards the sky, townhouses feel grander and homeowners feel like they have so much more extra space to play with. Here are five benefits of living in a townhouse:

1. An extra floor = extra space

Standard townhouses usually feature three floors. This extra living space ensures that each family member can enjoy some privacy without living on top of each other all the time. For example, a parent can press on with cooking in the kitchen downstairs whilst the kids play upstairs in their playroom. You may even have the opportunity to create your very own peaceful sanctuary out of one of the top floor bedrooms.

2. Flexible to furniture layouts

With an abundance of extra space, townhouses can be flexible to furniture layouts so you can make your home truly unique. For example, our three bedroom Copplestone townhouse at Tarka View in Crediton features a spacious ground floor which could be utilised in a number of different ways. For young families, it could make a handy storage space for pushchairs and toys or, for the exercise enthusiast, the double garage plus large storage cupboard could be converted into a gym. Check out this inspirational Pinterest board to get your ideas flowing! With this extra space, three storey homes can change to meet your needs as your family expands.

3. A great stepping stone

Townhouses can provide a good stepping stone onto the property ladder, particularly for first time buyers. Quite often, we welcome first time buyers into our Marketing Suites who are looking to move from their rented apartment or flat to purchasing their own house. A townhouse is a nice stepping stone between apartment living and purchasing a larger detached home – it’s a great middle ground.

4. Gorgeous views

Tarka View in Crediton is surrounded by stunning Devon countryside. As our Copplestone house style is taller than other properties, homeowners will be able to enjoy gorgeous views from the top floor. Just imagine pulling back your bedroom curtains every morning to a beautiful sunrise or being able to put the baby to bed in the light of an evening sunset. You can check out the views for yourself by popping into the Tarka View Marketing Suite and having a look around our Copplestone show home.

5. Smash your 10,000 steps a day

Three storeys mean three flights of stairs! You’ll easily hit the recommended target of 10,000 steps a day by doing your own workout at home using your stairs. Townhouses are a great way of keeping you fit and healthy, particularly if you work from home and spend the majority of time inside your property.

Our three bedroom Copplestone townhouse is currently available at our Crediton site, Tarka View from £264,950. The Help to Buy Equity Loan is available for both first time buyers and existing homeowners, and our Devonshire Move scheme can help you sell your existing property.