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Our top five interior trends for 2022

1 February 2022

Every year, we love to read all about the next big interior trends. Some we can predict, and others take us by surprise. Whatever they are, we enjoy seeing our homeowners embrace trends with some even putting their own spin on things. So, what will be adorning our Instagram feeds this year? What are the interior trends for 2022? Let’s dive in.

1. Embrace those curves

Curved furniture is set to be big this year. From curved sofas and chairs to arched wall mirrors, these home accessories will add a touch of softness to your new build home.

Pinterest has reported a significant rise in searches such as ‘curved sofa living room’ and ‘curved kitchen island ideas’. In fact, ‘curved bar design’ has seen an increase in searches by 140%!

The beauty of this trend is that it can suit any budget. Prepared to splash the cash? Check out this gorgeous curved sofa on Wayfair. Going for a more subtle approach? Smaller home accessories like this wavy candle from Etsy or these stylish mirrors from William Wood will make great additions to your home.

2. Pet-friendly interiors

It’s no secret that us Brits love our pets. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association’s latest research, 33% of UK households have a dog and 27% have a cat.

With so many of us sharing our living space with a furry friend, it’s no surprise that ‘Barkitecture’ has made the list of top interior design trends of 2022. Popular with Millennials and Gen X, Barkitecture sees homeowners design their home with their pets in mind. Think dedicated dog shower rooms, a separate bedroom for Felix and dog beds made from furniture.

Do you have a pampered pooch or a cat that rules the roost? Embrace this trend with this sleek larder pantry with incorporated dog bed from Etsy or this litter box enclosure disguised as a smart storage unit.

3. Chequered floors and accessories

The classic chequered pattern is a perpetual style favourite, but it’s certainly having a moment again this year. Whether you are a massive fan or prefer the subtle approach, you can make this interior trend work for you.

If you want to be bold, why not lay chequered floor tiles throughout your hallway or get your hands on some chequered wallpaper? Next Home has a beautiful range of wallpaper here.

Keeping it simple? Try adding a chequered throw to your living room or a stylish bathmat in your family bathroom.

4. Traditional touches

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for us all so it’s no wonder many of us are seeking comfort within our homes. This is reflected in our décor choices as many homeowners are bringing traditional pieces back.

Think skirted furniture, pattern mixing and antiques which can all remind us of childhood memories. Traditional pieces can instantly make a home feel cosy and comforting.

Fortunately, this interior trend doesn’t have to require any additional spending! Start by looking in the garage or going up in the loft to see if you can dig out any classic pieces of furniture that could be given a new life in your home. In need of some new pieces? Ebay is a good place to discover traditional home furniture for sale.

5. Mindful spaces

Last year, the Office for National Statistics reported that 75% of adults in the UK were worried about the impact Covid-19 was having on their life. As we navigated our way through the pandemic, many of us turned to mindfulness to help us cope.

This is set to continue throughout 2022 as we turn those practices into habits. Having embraced self-care, mindful spaces within our homes are set to be a big interior trend this year.

Your home should fit around your lifestyle so make sure your interiors tie in with your personal hobbies. Practice yoga? Turn a spare bedroom into your very own mini yoga studio. Love to read? Create a cosy reading corner where you can enjoy some headspace with a thick blanket and indulgent hot chocolate.

We hope you have enjoyed discovering the top interior trends for 2022 and that you are leaving this page feeling inspired. Of course, there are many more trends, these are just our top five, so we encourage you to keep researching to discover a trend which is right for you.

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