5 tips on how to decorate your new build home this Halloween

16 October 2019

Golden leaves, chillier mornings and shorter days mean one thing. Autumn has arrived! On Instagram, we love seeing how people decorate their homes to welcome in the new season. Recently, we particularly loved cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch’s autumnal doorway. It got us thinking about how our homeowners could decorate their new homes for Halloween. With the spooky holiday not far away, we’ve rounded up our top five tips on how to decorate your home so that it stands out from the crowd:

1. Start with the outside

Your front porch is your chance to make a great first impression on guests and trick or treaters this Halloween. A beautiful autumnal wreath on your front door can act as an impressive centrepiece and then you can build up your spooky decorations around it. For maximum impact, we would recommend a couple of scary pumpkins, stretchable spiderwebs and fake tombstones. If you really want your home to have the scare factor, check out Haunted Haris, the animated ghost!

2. Carve an impressive pumpkin

You can’t celebrate Halloween without a scary pumpkin! Whilst this craft can be a little laborious, it can be very rewarding when you insert a tealight into the finished pumpkin. First, use a sharp knife to cut off the crown of the pumpkin. Next, scoop out the seeds and flesh with a large serving spoon so that you are left with a hollow pumpkin to work with. Grab a marker pen and mark out your design where the pumpkin’s face will be. Finally, use a small knife to carefully cut out the stencil that you have made. If you need a little help, there are plenty of printable stencils that you can find online to use. Stand out from the crowd by carving something a little different into your pumpkin. We love these designs over on Pinterest.

3. Get crafty

If you share your new build home with children, Halloween is the perfect time to encourage creativity. Get crafty with the kids by creating plenty of homemade decorations to drape over bannisters, doors and shelving units inside your home. By making your own decorations, your Halloween house will be truly unique and ooze character. We love Good Housekeeping’s craft ideas. From spooky eyeball slime to glitter pumpkin snow globes, your kids will surely love at least one of these ideas. Check them out here.

4. Whip up Spooktacular bakes

Who doesn’t love to bake in the autumn? Not only will Halloween themed treats look amazing sat on the side of your sweeping kitchen worktops or as part of an autumnal spread, they will fill the whole house with the delicious smell of fresh cake. There are so many fantastic cake ideas out there, but we love the recipes over on BBC Good Food. From Pumpkin and Caramel cake to Frankenstein cupcakes, you’re sure to find something that will tickle your taste buds. Click here to view the recipes.

5. It’s all about the lighting

Spooky lighting is crucial at Halloween and can change the whole atmosphere of your house. There are plenty of Halloween themed fairy lights on the market, taking the shape of tiny pumpkins or eerie ghosts. Candles and lit pumpkins can also help set the mood but remember to be careful with naked flames and never leave a candle unattended.

We hope you found these five tips useful and from the Devonshire Homes team, happy Halloween! If you aren’t a Devonshire homeowner yet, check out the range of new homes we currently have available here. Who knows, maybe next Halloween you will be using these tips to decorate your very own new build home!